Brad Riffel

Jim, thanks so much for helping me through the "retirement process" with Texas Retirement System. It is a real maze and I'm not sure I could have managed to go through it myself. I know I'm much better off using the products that you offered than if I had done the original TRS lump sum and left it with them. I always refer you to teachers I know that are going to retire in a few years. I have had several of them come back to me and thank me for turning them on to you. I know I'm much better off financially because you helped me.

Libby Ware

Not long ago, my husband and I had a fairly substantial increase in our financial situation. Jim was able to help us avoid paying a huge amount of tax on that money through a charitable remainider trust that he helped us set up. Even our CPA learned a thing or two about this type of trust. We consider Jim Hutson one of our best assets!

Stacey Curtis

Jim has been an answered prayer since I retired full time 3 years ago. He has been right there when I have needed explanations, answers, etc. I don't know what my situation would be like without his help. I appreciate Jim's honesty, his time and caring approach when it comes to dealing with my future finances. Thank you Jim for taking care of all of us! It's nice knowing you love what you do and are in this for the right reasons! I know I am in good hands!

Dr. Harold Hinsley

Jim is an excellent financial advisor. He takes genuine interest in helping others maximize their assets while continually working for his clients to increase their income when a new or better product is found. As a personal friend, Jim is trustworthy and loyal. He will always be available to help others when they are in need. He is a solid business man and dedicated family man. I am proud to have been a colleague with Jim and friend for many years